Jed Leviner

Sr. Director & Head of Information and Operational Technology

Jed Leviner is the Senior Director and Head of Information and Operational Technology at Kriya Therapeutics. Previously, Mr. Leviner was the Executive Director of Information Technology at Liquidia Technologies, where he developed and led the execution of the technology strategy to transition from R&D and clinical manufacturing to commercial manufacturing. Mr. Leviner was also the Director of Information Technology and Automation for Medicago, where he scaled the technology strategy, infrastructure, and operations in the build-out of a DARPA funded manufacturing facility in North Carolina and the conceptual design of a commercial-scale facility in Quebec. Mr. Leviner began his career with Campbell Soup Company and held various roles of increasing responsibility in manufacturing automation and information technology before transitioning to the Life Sciences industry.

Mr. Leviner received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Appalachian State University.