Unleashing the Power of Gene Therapy

Reimagining Gene Therapy

Kriya is a next generation gene therapy company focused on expanding the field to new frontiers. We have built a fully integrated, technology enabled platform for rational vector design, analytical characterization, and scalable manufacturing to design and develop gene therapies for diseases with well-understood underlying biology.

Our proprietary intelligent vector design platform, SIRVE™, strengthens our unique capability to undertake de novo construct design, targeted sequence modification, and data analysis. We believe that rationally engineered gene therapies can transform the treatment of a broad universe of diseases – and we are prepared to lead this revolution in medicine.

Our Technology

SIRVE™ is our proprietary intelligent vector design platform for rational de novo vector design, sequence modification, and data analysis

Our Team

We have deep expertise in the field of gene therapy, with a team of pioneering veterans who have decades of experience at leading gene therapy companies and academic institutions


Our 51,350 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, one of the global centers in the biologics industry. Our platform process combines best practices from biologics manufacturing with proprietary innovations developed in-house to enable the modular production of gene therapies at larger scale and lower cost of goods than current industry norms in gene therapy

Top Talent. Top Locations


North Carolina


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