Bruce Schnepp, PhD

Senior Director, Technology Development

Bruce Schnepp is the Senior Director of Technology Development at Kriya Therapeutics. Dr. Schnepp joins Kriya from Limelight Bio where he was a Research Scientist and led a team of scientists developing both AAV-mediated and non-viral therapeutics for genetic diseases. Prior to Limelight Bio, Dr. Schnepp was a Scientist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where he was involved in the preclinical design and development of the first-in-human study that used a recombinant AAV vector to deliver a gene for a monoclonal antibody to block HIV infection. Dr. Schnepp has more than 20 years of experience in rAAV gene transfer, as well as vector biodistribution, safety, and genome persistence.

Dr. Schnepp received his PhD in molecular genetics from the Ohio State University.  He completed his postdoctoral work at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Schnepp received his undergraduate degree in biology from Purdue University.